Increase your customer base and revenue via recommendations

83% of customers are willing to recommend a positive experience to their friends, but only 23% actually do it! Our 'Word of mouth 2.0' platform is here to get you back that missing 60%!

With Recomme, you will enable & inspire your customers to recommend your product or service to their friends. We have created a simple yet so effective recommendation process that only takes 30 seconds!

Good referral programs were the key to the success of many well-known brands such as Dropbox, Google and Tesla.

What do you get with Recomme?

  • Customer acquisition
  • Higher LTV of your current customers
  • Tools to create an effective email database list
  • Customer engagement through Email Campaigns and Loyalty Programmes
  • Valuable Marketing Statistics, Trends and Data (Conversion optimisation, ROI analysis and more)
  • NPS improvement and increased ratings on customer reviews
  • Increased marketing coverage

Neither you nor your customer needs to install any apps! Everything happens in the web browser.

What do you get with Recomme?

What do you get with Recomme?
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Customer trust
Transparent statistics
Brand recognition
Promo video

3 simple steps

How does it work?

Step 1

Information and incentive

Your customer can trigger the referral process by either QR code, NFC or a link. Each of these methods take customer to the web based platform, where they get presented with award for a recommendation for them & the person they are recommending to. You can specify the awards as you wish.


Step 2

Recommending (takes about 30 seconds)

A message pre-specified by you i.e. the business that is being recommended, pops up on customer's mobile, this message can be modified by the customer to make it more personable. The customer sends a recommendation to their friend via their favourite application (e.g. WhatsApp / SMS / e-mail / Facebook).


Step 3

Incentive to use the recommendation

The customer's friend receives the message recommending your product or service from a person that they know directly (increased trust). Once they click on the link from the message, they receive access to a promotional code which enable them to receive a gift (incentive to use the recommendation).

3 simple steps how it works

"Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend"

Mark Zuckerberg
(the founder of Facebook)


People trust recommendations from friends and acquaintances



People cite command as the main factor in making purchasing decisions

(TNS / Google / Oglivy)


People point to benefit as the main motivator for making a command

(Annex Cloud)


Greater willingness to buy if the product was recommended by friends


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